There shall come a time when our city and its deepwater bay shall grow in fame and fortune across many realms and many worlds. Folk shall know of Waterdeep, our City of Splendors, and sing its praises. I have seen it thus, and I endeavor to make it true.
  — Ahghairon, circa 1032 DR[1]

Ahghairon (pronounced: /ɑːˈgɛərɔːnah-GAIR-awn[2]) was a human mage from northwest Faerûn[3] and the first Open Lord of Waterdeep. He created the Lords of Waterdeep, the system by which Waterdeep had been ruled ever since, except for a six-year period immediately following his death.[4]



Ahghairon was born on Midsummer's Night, 920 DR. Legends say that the symbol of Mystra was glowing in the sky at the time.[5]

The TrollwarsEdit

The Second Trollwar broke out in 940 DR,[5] as trolls were pushed down into the area later known as the Trollmoors by orc uprisings further north. After a decade of battles, a young Ahghairon distinguished himself, using his magic to turn the war against the trolls.[3] First, the Waterdhavian defenders drove the trolls back from their walls. The human realms then united under Aeroth, War Captain of Silverymoon; Ahghairon of Waterdeep; and Samular Caradoon of Tyr, and together they eradicated trolls across the Evermoors, with war finally coming to an end in 952 DR.[6]

A third Trollwar almost took place in 963 DR, when the traitors Aviss and Fellandar led an army of trolls out of the Mere of Dead Men against the city. They knew well the city's defenses, and Castle Waterdeep had only just begun construction. But Ahghairon and a band of wizards hurled Aviss and Fellandar into an extra-dimensional prison, thwarting the attack.[7] [note 1]

Rise to powerEdit

At this time, Waterdeep was ruled by the Warlord Rhaulor, who wanted to use the city's power and wealth to create an empire spanning northwest Faerûn. Ahghairon strongly disagreed with this, and when he voiced his concerns, Rhaulor attacked him. Ahghairon used his magic to turn Rhaulor's sword into a snake, which bit and poisoned him. Rhaulor died and Ahghairon assumed control of Waterdeep, proclaiming himself the first Open Lord, and establishing a form of government involving Masked Lords, whose identities would remain private.[4]


In 1007 DR, Ahghairon constructed his wizard tower, but positioned it outside the walls of Waterdeep (which since expanded). At the same time, he imposed magical barriers on Halaster's Hold, which prevented the possibility of any dangers escaping into the city. He created a magical axe named Azuredge in 1026 DR.[8]


Ahghairon used potions of longevity to remain in prime physical form even though he was growing old by human standards.[3] Eventually, his health failed in 1256 DR, and he died and was buried in his tower in Waterdeep. The tower was sealed off and protected by magic, and it was believed that his resting place remained undisturbed ever since.[4][8]



  1. The comic "Summer in the City" actually refers to "great Aglairon", but by the context it seems clear this is meant to be Ahghairon.


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