Ahlarkhem was a barony of Erlkazar encompassing the High Peaks and their evirons.[1]


Ahlarkhem Barony was the center of trade for the kingdom of Erlkazar. The barony contained nine villages, which thrived on farming, fishing, and mining. The troops here also were responsible for defending the country from the goblins of the Cloven Mountains.[1]


Ahlarkhem was the southeastern barony, neighbored by Tanistan to the west and Shalanar to the northwest. Shalane Lake and the Deepwash formed its northern border, and the High Peaks of the Cloven Mountains took up most of its southern territory.[4][1]

Flowing through the High Peaks toward the Deepwash, the Arglander River was located in this region. It only had a single crossing, the Shadebridge on the road from Duhlnarim to Saarlik. The Wintercloak River also ran through this barony.[1]


In 1370 DR, Lord Purdun "The Firefist" ruled Ahlarkhem. He was married to the king's sister, Princess Dijara.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The ruins of a large port city are located on the south side of the Deepwash across from Surkh.[1]
This major port city on the Deepwash was the oldest city in the barony.[1]
One of the largest villages in Ahlarkhem, it sat at the crossroads of roads leading to Duhlnarim, Llorbauth, and Five Spears Hold.[1]
This was a haunted town on the Arglander River, part of the ruins of Tathtar and the end of the Tethir Road.[1]
The ruins of this small country from the time of the Shoon Imperium[5] were scattered throughout this barony.[1]

Notable InhabitantsEdit

The vampiress Shyressa of the Twisted Rune secretly maintained her primary lair deep within the crypts of the ruins of Dajaan.[1]




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