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Ahmaergo (pronounced: /ɑːˈmɛərgah-MAIR-go[5]) was a member of the Iron Ring and the most competent slaver of the Xanathar Thieves' Guild of Skullport since 1370 DR.[1] As of 1492 DR[note 1], he was the most influential person in the Guild after Xanathar.[3]


Ahmaergo had a fascination with minotaurs. He was devious and corrupt like a devil but totally loyal to his master.[3]


He usually had many magical objects on his person for self-defense.[1]


Ahmaergo was in charge of buying and selling the slaves acquired by the Guild. He also was in charge of the logistic aspects of the slave market, moving them to and from those involved.[1]

Ahmaergo worked many for years in the Guild as a slaver but the Xanathar did not fully trust him and kept a close watch on him, usually via Avaereene, the Guild's slave-taker. The dwarf hated this intrusion in his business. He was starting to get ambitious, wanting to leave the Xanathar and work as an independent slaver.[1]

To add more temptation, Ahmaergo was also secretly one of the leaders of the Iron Ring. To others, he posed as a liaison with the Iron Ring.[6]


Around 1492 DR,[note 1] Ahmaergo was the Xanathar's majordomo and the most influential member of the guild after his master.[3]



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