Ahoyhoy was a fort on the northwest coast of the Snout of Omgar. It was inhabited by tortles.[1]


The fort was located at the top of a rocky shelf, overlooking a beach.[1]


Ahoyhoy had no government. All inhabitants and visitors were expected to behave well. Transgressors would be invited (or taken) out of the settlement by the tortles standing guard at the time.[1]


The settlement had a lively market in which villagers traded with friendly visitors and sometimes with traders from ships anchored offshore. Since the village often received adventurers as guests, there was a variety of adventuring items for trade, as well as unusual items and exotic wild or domesticated beasts.[1]


The fort was home to a local population of tortles who worked on crafts, fishing or general maintenance of the buildings. It also received tortle visitors who came to the village to trade or to lay eggs.[1]

One notable inhabitant of the fort was Mudgraw, a tortle druid who sometimes offered his services as a guide to adventurers.[2]




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