An ahuizotl was a semiaquatic aberration that mimicked voices and preyed on unwary travelers. It resembled a doglike monkey and had a clawed hand on its tail.


Although the ahuizotl was large, it resembled a monkey with a long canine snout and teeth and a long feline neck, and it was capable of submerging its entire body beneath as little as three feet of water.[1] Its long, prehinsile tail had a large, muscular, clawed hand with which it attacked its victims. Its forelegs were like a monkey or ape's, articulated for knuckle-walking, while its hindlegs were similar to those of a dog. Its fur was mostly sleek and brown, with white hair on its chest, belly, and underlegs. It also had brown and white facial patterning similar to a ring-tailed lemur or raccoon.[1]

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Excellent swimmers, ahuizotls lived in lakes and preyed on people who came too near the banks or who ventured out on boats.[1] Submerging itself out of sight like a crocodile, an ahuizotl would raise only its snout out of the water, through which it could mimic voices calling for help.[1] Its attack always began with its tail, with which it drowned its victims.[1] It's tail also possessed a blinding strike whereby it could permanently blind its opponents.[1] Once drowned, victims were brought down to the depths of the lake, where the ahuizotl ate its favored parts, the eyes, teath, and fingernails.[1]

In addition to mimicry, it was intelligent enough to be able to speak Common on its own as well.[1]


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