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Aiming at the target was an invocation or abjuration spell known to the wu jen of Kara-Tur in the 1350s DR, though it was available to sorcerers and wizards by the 1370s DR. It prevented them from breaking concentration on an action, no matter what else they were doing.[5][1][2][3] It was a product of a wu jen's training in ki power and meditation.[5] Finding the center was a more powerful version.[5][6][7]


The spell enabled a mage to keep concentrating on any one action, such as maintaining another spell, regardless of any other distracting action they undertook, by greatly boosting their ability to concentrate. Casting this spell was swift, even instantaneous, and it did not even interrupt concentration on an existing spell.[5][1][2][3] For example, a wu jen might cast a spell that required concentration like phantasmal force, then cast aiming at the target, then move at full speed, defend themselves or resist effects as normal, or take injury, and still maintain the phantasmal force. The wu jen's mind was focused on the existing spell but remained fully aware of events.[5] Aiming at the target lasted until the first spell was no longer concentrated on,[5][1][2][3] or until two minutes[5] or twenty minutes had passed.[1][2][3]


The spell required only somatic components.[5][1][2][3] To cast it, the wu jen performed precisely controlled breathing exercises to calm and clear their mind, which released the energy of the spell.[5] Meanwhile, a wizard or sorcerer intoned certain words of power to release the spell, and thereafter felt more focused.[3]

Known Users[]

Around Wa Year 1770 (1352 DR), the great wu jen Setsu Iki had it in his spellbook and prepared it twice,[8] while the sparrow hengeyokai wu jen May T'ang Lien also had it in her spellbook.[9]

In Shou Year 2607 (1357 DR), Yen-ch'eng Tzu Yu, a wu jen of the Many-Hued Peacock Society, possessed a scroll of aiming at the target.[10]