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An air mephit was a mephit from the Elemental Plane of Air.[2]


An air mephit was about four feet (120 centimeters) tall and weighed only a pound (half a kilogram). They had pale white skin. Like all mephits, air mephits were impish in appearance and had wispy wings,[2] which sprouted from their humanoid upper torsos.[1] They had whirlwinds where one would expect their legs to be.[2][1]


Air mephits tended to me more skittish than other mephits.[1]


Air mephits could heal themselves as long as there was moving air present. They had the ability to breathe a conical cloud of dust and grit. They also had the innate power to surround themselves with vapor about once every hour or to call forth a powerful gust of wind once per day.[2] They were immune to the effects of lightning or poisons.[1]


Air mephits would rather flee than fight,[1] but, if pressed, would attack by biting and clawing and also by injuring opponents with their breath.[2]


Air mephits preferred living in places where the wind was constantly blowing, such as mountaintops or shores.[1]


The drow god Vhaeraun was served by air mephits, and they were sometimes sent by him to aid his followers.[4] They were also known to serve the good archomental Chan, keeping an eye on the daily issues of her realm.[5]



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