Air walk was a transmutation spell that allowed a single creature to walk on air as though it were solid ground.[1]


Through the use of this spell, a creature or being could ambulate normally with no solid support. It was possible to move upwards or downwards, but only at a maximum of 45°, as though walking up or down a slope. Wind affected the air walker normally so it was possible to be blown in one direction in moderate winds, or even be blown uncontrollably in strong winds. Animals were required to be specifically trained to adapt to the effects of this spell before it could be cast upon them with beneficial results. If the spell expired or got dispelled while the creature was still in the air, it drifted to the ground slowly for up to half a minute, but if it was a long way to the ground, the drifting could turn into falling, potentially causing injury.[2][3][5]


Verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell, as well as the priest's holy symbol or divine focus.[1] Earlier versions of this spell also required a wisp of thistledown.[2][3]


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