Ajami were alien wizards in Zakhara.[1][note 1]

Requirements Edit

Ajamis had no special requirements.[1]

Role Edit

Zakharans treated all outsiders with suspicion, but they were especially wary of those who wielded more power.[1]

Possessions Edit

Ajamis typically had foreign equipment. Replacing such outland equipment while in Zakhara usually cost at least five times the item's value.[1]

Benefits Edit

Ajamis were able to learn new universal Zakharan spells.[1]

Hindrances Edit

New Zakharan magic was impossible for ajamis to learn without taking drastic measures. Even "regular" spells such as fireball were beyond their reach because the Zakharan fireball was based on the elemental "flame" magic unique to the Land of Fate. Only alien elementalists could learn spells from the equivalent Zakharan element.

Ajamis desperate to learn Zakharan magic could abandon their outsider practices and begin study of Zakharan magic but at the cost of forever losing access to all previous spells they learned.[1]

Appendix Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Ajami was a wizard class kit for the Al-Qadim setting. The word "ajami" can also mean "outlander" in general in Midani.

References Edit

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