Akabar Bel Akash was a wizard from Turmish who was sometimes companion to Alias of Westgate.


Akabar was a tall man with dusky skin and brown hair. He wore a mustache and a beard, the beard being cut straight across the bottom. He had blue eyes, three dots tattooed on his forehead (marking him as a scholar of religion, reading, and magic), and a sapphire earring denoting that he is married.


Akabar described himself as a mage "of no small water", though Alias referred to him constantly as a "greengrocer", or a dabbler in the Art.


Akabar joined Alias almost from the first, being the one who reassured the ownership and clientèle of the inn that Alias found herself in that the unconscious woman was not a witch. His attempt to work a magic spell to confirm the origin of the blue tattoos resulted in a violent explosion of blue light. From much that point further, Akabar's destiny was ruled by that tattoo.[1]

He worked alongside Alias's other companions to free her from those who masterminded her creation, and returned to his lands thereafter. Akabar's life was far from finished with regard to Alias, however.

Afterward, Akabar met and married a third wife, Zhara, a priestess of Tymora. However, it was discovered that she, too, was a clone of Alias.

Akabar was eventually taken by the dark god Moander, though he managed to retain his own will. In the end, his body overtaken by Moander's vines of possession, Akabar called to the gods he'd served through his life to take him into their hands, to teach Finder Wyvernspur how an unselfish man dies.


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