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Akanna was a priestess of Cyrics who led her followers from within abandoned temple of Bhaal during the mid–14th century DR.[1]


She was a sadistic and malicious individual who thoroughly in the mental and physical of others.[1]


Akanna was aided by a number of followers, similarly devoted to the Dark Sun. Most notable among them was the Half-green dragon Blackguard named Ziatar.[1]


In the Year of the Turret, 1360 DR, Akanna and her fellow Cyricists took control of Bhaal's temple in the Forest of Wyrms. While they slew many of the Bhaalists they spared the life of High Priestess Madele and imprisoned her instead.[1]

Some eight years later, Akanna's mind was taken over by the illithid Darskhelin. The being used Akanna to perform a lengthy ritual that brought forth an enormous neothelid within the Cyricists' sanctuary.[1]



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