The Akashnu Mountains lay in the land of Malatra in Kara-Tur.[1]


The Akanshu Mountains rose 6000–7000 feet (1.8–2.1 kilometers) above the jungles of Malatra. They had rough terrain and rocky peaks, with a number of valleys between the ridges.[1]


Thanks to the precious metals and stones found in the Akashnu Mountains, settlements in the mountains flourished. The range soon became home to the Kuong Kingdom, with its priest-kings ruling from the capital city of Suranatra. They grew powerful and maintained safety in the mountains.

However, when the capital of the Kuong Kingdom was relocated, the city and mountains were abandoned. The safe-trails became lost and the ways through grew dangerous. The peaks were very dangerous for inexperienced travelers; most stayed near Srelanat Road.[1]


After the Kuong Kingdom left, the mountains became home to bandits and korobokuru. Those lived in the mountains dwelt primarily in the valleys between the ridges.[1]


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