Akhlaur was a powerful conjurer who lived in Halruaa during the mid–12th century DR.[1]


Akhlaur was only interested in increasing his power by researching dangerous magic. He eventually summoned a laraken that was beyond his control and he was taken against his will back to the creature's native plane.[1]

Akhlaur's disappearance left a permanent gateway open to the Elemental Plane of Water, causing an unending flow of water to pour forth into the area known as Akhlaur's Swamp. Akhlaur's Tower, which contained a wealth of magic items, was also found here.[1]


This powerful conjurer was rumored to own magical items that most wizards only dreamed about, leading to a steady supply of adventurers delving deep into Akhlaur's Swamp with hopes of finding priceless treasure.[1]


In their youth, Aklhaur and Zalathorm Kirkson worked together to develop a spell that granted them everlasting life.[2]

Aklhaur was rescued in 1373 DR thanks to the efforts of the wild elf magehound Kiva and the sorceress Tzigone.[3] After being released from the portal, Aklhaur launch an attack agaisnt Halruaa, triggering the Wizardwar. During the battle, Aklhaur faced Zalathorm, and both killed each other.[2]



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