Akkabar's battleblade ring was the first of the Qysari Rings and could form a blade barrier when a command word was spoken.[1][2]


Like other shoonrings, this ring was made from strands of metal woven like twisted vines, but each vine was made of swords touching point to pommel.[1] The direction of the pointing swords turned at right angles if a cleric, druid, or other priest donned the ring. Warriors and rogues saw the raised pattern of swords become smooth to the touch. Wizards saw no change in the design when placed on their finger.[2] Copies of this ring were known to exist, but they did not exhibit this morphing feature when donned by someone other than a practitioner of the Art.[1]


Once a day[1] the ring could be commanded to produce a blade barrier in the direction indicated by the wearer.[1][2] The swords on the ring unraveled from the wearer's hand and became whirling daggers of force that slashed anything that tried to penetrate the sharp curtain.[3] When the spell ended, either by reaching the end of its duration or by being recalled by the wearer, the sword reformed back into a ring at the center of the barrier and returned to the wearer's hand a few seconds later. If the wearer was dead, too far away (60 feet or 18 meters), or was blocked by obstacles such that no shorter path existed, the ring dropped from where it hovered.[1]


This ring was made for Akkabar Shoon the Elder before he became Pasha of Calimshan in the Year of Flaming Stones, −77 DR. He used it with great effectiveness in his bid to eliminate his predecessor.[4] Hundreds of years later, in the Year of Emerald Eyes, 371 DR, the ring became part of the first tribute to the great blue wyrm Iryklathagra, negotiated by Qysara Shaani, and thus the last known location of Akkabar's battleblade ring was in the treasure vaults of the dreaded Sharpfangs.[5]

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