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Aksa was a Netherese arcanist that lived during the Golden Age of Netheril.[1]


The arcanist appeared as a fierce and surly man who had untidy hair.


Aksa was interested in the formulation of destructive spells and thus was known as the Destroyer. He also took an interest in alteration spells.[1]


Unlike others of his field who were often calm and composed, Aksa was the opposite. He was spontaneous and engaged in sudden, unplanned activity. Despite appearing intense and bad-tempered, Aksa was not actually like that at all. He cared a lot for young members of society, and would often disguise himself and perform for them on the streets.[1]


Aksa owned a large house in Harborage. Due to his experimentation with new spells, his abode often required extensive repairs.[1]


Aksa was born in 1670 NY (−2189 DR). The fierce arcanist experimented with several types of spells throughout his life. He created his first spell, mending, at only 21 years old in 1691 NY (−2168 DR). When he developed his disintegrate spell, he used it to create several small holes in the roof of his house.[2] He believed that the effect would disintegrate the wall, but instead the northern face of the house completely collapsed.[1] Aksa developed several over spells during his lifetime.[2] In 1840 NY (−2019 DR), the Destroyer finally met his end.[1]