Al-jahar, or dazzles, were sinister creatures found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate, who masqueraded as beautiful humanoids.[1]


The true form of a dazzle was that of a winged humanoid-shaped mass of sparkling light and waves of heat.[1]


Dazzles could cast delude and non-detection at will. Hakimas, genies, and gen had a strong chance to see through their disguises, so they avoided them whenever possible.[1]

Al-jahar avoided direct combat, but fueled the emotions of others around them to fight in their stead. They used the following spell-like abilities to accomplish this: charm person, friends, hypnotism, taunt, confusion, and ventriloquism.[1]

If discovered, a dazzle would revert to its true form and attempt to fly away. It could use light, shocking grasp, blindness, rainbow pattern, and domination to assist with its flight.[1]


Al-jahar were usually found within large cities where they had easy access to prey and could blend in with the population. They used several disguises, each with its own personality. Dazzles were highly territorial, attacking others of their kind who intruded uninvited.[1]

The origins of al-jahar remained unknown, though many believed them to originate within the Haunted Lands or Ruined Kingdoms. These creatures did not breed in the normal fashion.[1]


Since these creatures consumed emotions, they had little physical effect upon their environment. If a dazzle exercised caution, most victims never knew they were being fed upon. Their blood could be used to create a potion of delusion or other magical items with mind-affecting properties.



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