Alagarthas was a wild elf prince of the Misty Forest in the 15th century DR.[1]


Alagarthas was the son of Melandrach, the king of the Misty Forest. However he disagreed with his father about the elves' future and wanted to resurrect the ancient nation of Illefarn and rule it.[1]

Around 1480 DR, when fire elementals destroyed the woods of Laughing Hollow, with his goals in mind, he and his retinue abandoned the Misty Forest and went to help the local wood elves in order to get away from his father's woodland court and make a name for himself and his cause.[1]


Alagarthas considered himself the heir apparent of ancient Miyeritar and dreamed of one day ruling a similar kingdom. He planned to offer his allegiance to the dwarves of Mount Illefarn in order to gain strong allies. Alagarthas had the breeding, the intelligence, and the charisma of a future great leader, not to mention superior fighting skills.[1]


Like many of his kin, Alagarthas wielded shortswords and a longbow into battle, and he was dressed in a suit of magical studded leather armor +1 made from dragonhide.[3]



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