Alagh Rorncaurak, or the Battlecavern of Unquenched Valor, was both a chasm and a temple of Clangeddin Silverbeard, the Father of Battle, in the dwarven city of Earthfast, deep below the Earthfast Mountains between the Vast and Impiltur,[1] in the Earthroot region of the Underdark.[2]


Alagh Rorncaurak was a huge natural chasm that served as a natural cathedral to Clangeddin. It lay in the heart of Earthfast, but with much of the city abandoned, it came to sit on the western edge of the dwarf-held territory.


In the 1360s DR, Alagh Rorncaurak stood on the frontlines of the orcish siege of Earthfast. The orcs launched wave after wave of attacks against it, particularly through the ruined western barracks of the temple.

The immigrating dwarves of Clan Hammerhand were much-needed reinforcements, and their assistance gave the dwarves time to fortify the temple's defences. They kept the temple's central sanctuary and the entrance to the rest of the city free of orcish incursion. But circa 1369 DR, clashes between dwarven defenders and orc patrols remained frequent.


The elite Clangeddite warriors of the temple were led by Cindarm mac Faern.[1]


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