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Alai was an arcane spellcaster who dedicated himself to the dogma of the Iron Throne leader Sarevok during the mid−14th century DR.[1]


Unbeknownst to the Iron Throne, Alai and his companions Gardush, Naaman, Diyab, Aasim, along with their leader Zhalimar Cloudwulfe, sought to advance Sarevok's agenda rather than that of the mercantile organization.[1]


Alai owned a number of magical items, including a ring of free action and a wand of lightning.[1]


In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Alai was among the group agents sent by the Iron Throne to the city of Baldur's Gate to advise Thaldorn in his negotiations with Emissary Tar and the city's Council of Four.[1]

That same year, the group was defeated by Abdel Adrian and his companions.[1]



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