Alamion, also known as "Frost Daddy"[1] or "Frost Father",[2] was a magical longsword specialized against evil outsiders.[1][2]


In addition to being more damaging to evil outsiders, Alamion also conferred the effects of an endure elements spell upon the wielder, granting limited resistance to fire. It also detected whenever fire-wielding creatures came within 100 yards (91 meters) of the blade, changing in appearance to glowing, translucent ice. When in this form, the wielder left frost-covered footprints.[2]


Around 1081 DR, the wizard Obren the Left-Handed of Shannath made a pair of swords, the longsword Alamion and the short sword Malamion, on commission from priests of Auril. However, as a result of a conflict between the mage and the clergy over payment, the swords never came into the possession of Auril's faithful.[1][2]

Thirty years later, around 1111 DR, the warrior Berdino was overheard by the thief Pellas the Fair in Procampur, boasting about owning a sword that matched the description of Alamion. Pellas, having come into the possession of Malamion around 1097 DR, learned of the short sword's counterpart, and desired to have both blades. Berdino's body was found two tendays later, left for dead on a beach, riddled with poisoned crossbow bolts.[1][2]

Some time later, Pellas met his end at the hands of the next owner of the two blades, the Tormish paladin Garilon Renold. Garilon made heavy use of the blades in battling outsiders, and the weapons passed on to paladins belonging to his order for generations. The last member of the order known to have used the swords was Heleban of Ithmong, who, it is believed, met his end in battle against pirates and slavers of the Sword Coast.[1][2]

By 1281 DR, Alamion was in the possession of Ilmadia Bariel.[1]

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