Alamontyr was a large fishing and agricultural town in the far northeast of the Border Kingdoms. It was the easternmost notable settlement within the Border Kingdoms. Alamontyr lay on Zarcel's Run, a river that flowed from the Duskwood in the south to the shores of the Lake of Steam in the north. Alamontan was the name given to an inhabitant of Alamontyr.[1]


Alamontyr was ruled by Shield Duke Bardran Thulmaer and his forty Griffon Knights, who policed the town and the surrounding areas fairly and with particular respect for local religious leaders. This made him well-loved not only with the people of Alamontyr but also the people of the Realm of the Smoking Star to the west. The Shield Duke was quite old but had not yet named a successor by 1374 DR, leading to much speculation and meddling.[1]


Because of the relative safety and security of life in Alamontyr, it had become home to many different craftspeople, such as finesmiths, woodcarvers, potters, glaziers, jewelers, and tailors, who exported their wares widely. Attempts to bring corruption to Alamontyr had been made by Chessenta, Westgate, the Red Wizards, and Zhentil Keep.[1]


Disturbances made by digging into the Shieldmaidens for copper brought denizens of the Underdark such as ropers to Alamontyr. These creatures were found in cellars, crypts, and sewers. A rumor existed that they were being aided by an inhabitant of the town.[1]


The badge of Alamontyr was a full-face silver shield held up by two white wings on a dun background. The shield displayed a rampant red griffon facing the dexter and its base (bottom tip) dripped three large, crimson teardrops of blood.[1]



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