The Alandor River was a major river in Amn.[2]


The Alandor was a slow-moving and wide river.[2][4] Because of this, it had a great deal of barge traffic,[1][2][4] especially between the cities of Crimmor and Athkatla,[1][2] except in the winter months, when the river had ice on it.[4] Horses and mules towed barges up the river along the River Road.[5][6] Beyond Crimmor, the barges continued east to Lake Weng, but the River Road did not.[4]

The waters of the river were green and had a mild smell.[4] Despite this, in Crimmor, children often used the river for swimming.[7]

The river flooded in the early spring. The lands south of the river were good for grazing.[8]

The waters of the Alandor were full of many kinds of fishes, the most common of which were silverwink minnows. These were eaten by the larger brownscales, which were the food source for Alandor eels.[4]


The river began at Minsor Vale on the southeastern point of Lake Weng. From there, it flowed west, passing Crimmor before emptying into the Sea of Swords at Athkatla,[1][3] splitting the city in two.[9]




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