Alaor, or sometimes the Alaor,[4][5][note 1] was a pair of islands on the Alamber Sea an extension of the eastern Sea of Fallen Stars.[2][3] For many years it was considered a tharch of Thay and served as a strategical naval stronghold for the magocratic nation.[1]


The crag-covered landscape of Alaor was rough and next to no terrain that was suitable for farming.[4]

Alaor's great harbor was located within an expansive cove that was protected by a natural sea-arch. The islands possessed no other suitable areas where ships could safely dock.[2] The island was well-defended as they served Thay's first line of defense against the nearby nation of Aglarond.[6]

Armed ForcesEdit

While the island was under Thayan control it maintained the nation's great navy from its vast shipbuilding facilities and military docks. The dozen or so ships, ranging from swift dromonds to great galleys, patrolled the waters of the Alamber Sea and kept them free from savage aquatic creatures and marauding pirates.[4][2]


The Thayan shipyards of Alaor were greatly damaged during the Salamander War in the Year of the Prince, 1357 DR.[1] A huge wave caused by a volcanic eruption wiped out much of the main island's population and Thay was force to surrender their authority for some time. Following this catastrophe, Mulhorand sought to control the island and regularly blockaded its ports.[7]

However, the House of Holy Tides survived the great wave and went on to take power on Alaor and turned the main island into a free state for some time.[7] By 1368 DR, both islands had been reclaimed by Thay and the Red Wizards.[4]

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  1. The book Dreams of the Red Wizards refers to this island as the Aldor and is assumed to be a typo.


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