Alasklerbanbastos was an ancient blue dracolich who ruled Threskel from his lair on Mount Thulbane. He held the distinction of being the only dracolich to have his physical form destroyed twice in the same year.[citation needed]


Alasklerbanbastos appeared as a huge skeletal wyrm, larger even than Tchazzar. Lightning moved between his bones.[citation needed]



Alasklerbanbastos fought with Tchazzar over the control of western Unther during the 10th century DR. When Tchazzar became divine in 1018 DR, Alasklerbanbastos enlisted the aid of the Cult of the Dragon to become a dracolich. After the dragon cult cell in Unther collapsed in 1024 DR, Alasklerbanbastos went to sleep for several centuries, emerging only occasionally to wreak havoc in surrounding lands. In 1322 DR, he emerged from his lair to inflict a summer-long reign of terror over Chessenta. When Tchazzar was thought to have died during the Time of Troubles, Alasklerbanbastos began rebuilding the Cult of the Dragon in Unther. When Tchazzar returned in 1373 DR, he slaughtered many of the young chromatic dragons allied with Alasklerbanbastos.[1]


In 1479 DR, Alasklerbanbastos began sending humanoid troops on raids into Chessenta. The raids started a short war with Chessenta that Threskel lost. He was defeated in battle against Tchazzar in 1479 DR and his physical form destroyed. However, Tchazzar decided not to destroy Alasklerbanbastos' phylactery and thus annihilate him completely. Shortly after his body was destroyed, his phylactery was taken from its hiding place by Aoth Fezim and Alasklerbanbastos was resurrected into the body of a young blue dragon by Cera Eurthos.[2]

Because Cera controlled Alasklerbanbastos' phylactery, she was able to command him to follow Aoth and herself to Akanûl on a mission to convince the Akanûlans not to join forces with Tchazzar to invade Tymanther. Alasklerbanbastos had to travel in secret to avoid alarming the Akanûlans so he lagged behind Aoth and Cera. While he was alone, he was able to create an undead construct from his skin.[3]

When Aoth and his party attacked the gray dragon Vairshekellabex, Alasklerbanbastos and his construct attacked Cera. In order to distract Alasklerbanbastos, she threw his phylactery over a cliff. He eventually found the phylactery and returned to his lair in Threskel where he transferred his soul into the bones of an ancient blue dragon.[3]

Although Alasklerbanbastos hated Tchazzar, he was willing to temporarily ally with the ancient red dragon in order to extract revenge on Aoth and Cera. He warned Tchazzar of Aoth's attempts to prevent war with Tymanther which threw Tchazzar into a rage. Alasklerbanbastos fought alongside Tchazzar during the Battle of Luthcheq but his physical form was destroyed by the concerted efforts of Aoth, Cera and the rest of the clergy of Amaunator in Luthcheq, and several other priests of different sects whom Cera had saved.[3]



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