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Alathrien Druanna was a minor elven goddess of rune and conjuration magic.[3]

Alathrien was a nearly-forgotten member of the Seldarine, as most elves practicing magic called upon Corellon Larethian for aid. Instead, she spent most of her time studying runic magic. Alathrien's studious nature led her to ally with deities such as Deneir and Dugmaren Brightmantle. Alathrien had no real enemies of her own, but deities seeking to elevate themselves at the expense of the Seldarine (such as Talos) often targeted her first. These attempts invariably failed, and only alerted the Seldarine to greater watchfulness.[3]

Alathrien's church was composed mostly of scholars and mages of runic and geometry magic. They tended more towards academic debate than caring for the sick and poor, but tried their best at the latter. The church celebrated no set holy days, instead declaring one whenever there great knowledge was gained in the field of magic.[3]



  1. Alathrien Druanna originates in a "setting neutral" Dragon magazine article about the Seldarine, and as such it is unclear as to what extent, if any, she is worshiped in the Forgotten Realms.


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