Alatorin was the ancient dwarven settlement formed when Taark Shanat's dwarves defeated the inhabitants of Rringlor Noroth in the Cloaker Wars, including four blue dragons slain by Taark himself. It was the first settlement established in Shanatar and contained Brightaxe Hall and the famous Wyrmskull Throne.[1]

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Alatorin was founded at the end of the Cloaker Wars when Taark Shanat's dwarves claimed the caverns for themselves. It was captured by the drow of Guallidurth during the First Spider War (−8170 DR to −8150 DR), at which time the eight kingdoms of Shanatar allied to reclaim it.[1]

The Second Spider War in −8145 DR saw the dwarves reclaim Alatorin from the drow, but the drow attacked again in the Third Spider War around −6150 DR. This conflict lasted around thirty years, with the eventual victory of the drow. Alatorin was evacuated by the dwarves (who took the Wyrmskull Throne with them).[1]

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