Lady Alauthshaee was a female elf notorious for her wealth and the manner of her death.[1]


Over her lifetime, Lady Alauthshaee married six wealthy husbands, and outlived each one. Each time, she took her deceased husband's fortune as her own, growing extremely wealthy. This made her famous and notorious.[1]

An elven mage, Ilthuryn, tried to court Alauthshaee, but she rejected him harshly. Enraged, Ilthuryn attacked her with wild spells as she rode in her flying carriage. It reportedly crashed to earth within Dead Tree Hollow in the Vast. Ilthuryn then buried the carriage, the guards, and Alauthshaee herself alive. The spell-battle left a dead-magic zone over the valley.[1][note 1]

By 1370 DR, the flying carriage of Lady Alauthshaee and the great treasures within had not been found, but were thought to be buried or sunk in a pond somewhere in Dead Tree Hollow. It also possibly still contained the bodies of Alauthshaee and her guards. Adventurers occasionally came to search the valley for it.[1]


Alauthshaee was described as haughty.[1]


Via her husbands, Alauthshaee collected extreme wealth. She owned a magical flying carriage of elven design, which on its last journey was packed with her jewelry and silk gowns decorated with gems.[1]



  1. No solid dates are given, but the event of her death is described as still being within living elven memory as of 1370 DR. An average elven maximum age of 550 would place these events some time after around 820 DR.


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