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An alchemist was a craft profession. At the most basic level, anyone who mixed substances together in a liquid form to create a wanted effect could be considered an alchemist. Alchemy required a fair amount of intelligence, as well as time and materials. It could also be a very expensive pursuit.[5]

An alchemist could craft mundane substances, such as acid, alchemist's fire, sunrods, tanglefoot bags and thunderstones,[5] magical substances such as potions and oils,[6] and other things such as the special brews that were used in the process of creating a dracolich. In the days of ancient Netheril, an entire school was dedicated to the study of alchemy. Scholars there were able to turn lead into gold, turn air into poisonous gas, make water explosive, and shape elemental fire.[7]

Not all alchemists were spellcasters, but many were, as spellcasting ability was needed to make magical potions.[6] Dedicated practitioners could become master alchemists.[8]

Of all the races, gnomes were best known across the Realms as alchemists.[9]

Notable Alchemists[]



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