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Aldinach, known as The Lady of Change, was a lesser demon lord. She reigned over a part of the layer of Pazunia in the Abyss and was concerned with matters of transformation.[1][2][3]


She appeared as a humanoid woman of lithe build wearing an alabaster mask to hide her true monstrous visage. She had polished mahogany-wood skin and long fingers tipped with needles. These could inject a foul sap into her victims once they were restrained.[2]


She was reclusive and capricious. She enjoyed corrupting and perverting goodness, innocence, and purity, though her ways were far from subtle.[2]


This demon princess led a budding cult on a number of worlds in the Material Plane. Her followers abducted holy and righteous folk like paladins and priests and sacred beasts like ki-rins, lammasus, and unicorns and carried them off to Aldinach's Egg. There, the Lady of Change subjected her "patients" to vile experiments that warped them physically and mentally and enslaved them to her will. Twisted mockeries of their former selves, they became half-fiends and, though they fought their new natures and suffered crippling remorse, they soon succumbed to deceitfulness and rage and became chaotic evil.[2]

Sometimes, Aldinach would receive visitors who provided her with devices or magical lore that her better alter her victims. However, she quickly lost her patience if they didn't share her interests.[2]


Her home in Pazunia was known as as Aldinach's Egg, a oval-shaped towering fortress of iron hugging the edge of the Grand Abyss. She laid claim to stretches of it, but could not enforce it.[2][4] The Egg and the land around for 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) were ferociously defended by the survivors of her experiments (the weaker ones soon fell prey to the harsh environment and local demons).[2]

The Egg was filled with disturbing laboratories and surgeries, as well as audience chambers hung with the skins of failed experiments. In the Forbidden Chambers in the upper levels dwelt a score of chaos beasts named the Brethren, to whom guests who outstayed their welcome were fed.[2]



Aldinach is named for an obscure Egyptian demon reputed to cause natural disasters and sink ships.