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Aldreth was the largest of the river ports along the coast of the Sword River in the Sword Lands, Returned Abeir, as of 1479 DR.[1]


Aldreth was considered to be the most sophisticated of the Sword Lands towns, and the most snooty by envious people of other towns. The merchants of Aldreth fancied themselves as the true lords of the Sword Lands because their great wealth.[1]


Aldreth was the most wealthy of the towns along the Sword River, with the best markets and a great variety of goods, travelers, and strange curios from afar.[1]


The lord of the town was chosen by the wealthy Aldran merchants, who decided who would take that appointment through financial support and careful assassination.[1]


Some years before 1479 DR, Swordlanders from other towns hired some adventurers to thwart the operations of Aldran merchants. In 1479 DR, those merchants retaliated by hiring adventurers to hit back.[1]