Aldreth Fireshaar was a peculiar mage that lived in Telflamm during the mid—14th century DR. She dwelled within a barge, docked at the harbor, that was well-protected by a number of gargoyles.[1]

Aldreth could always be found with a floating, magical skull that accompanied her wherever she traveled.[1]


She was knowing for being rather unprincipled and particularly conspicuous in her actions.[1]


While Aldreth's eyes were normally greyish-green in color, they turned a vibrant orange when she became excitable.[1]

She wore an abundant amount of jewelry.[1]


Among Aldreth's repertoire was a spell of her own creation, one that granted her dominion over a number of goblins at the same time.[1]


Aldreth studied the arcane arts in the Lake of Steam region of southern Faerûn before journeying to Thay. Though there was no firm evidence, the Harper mage Sunder Snowhand believed she delved into some Thayan crypts and even stole an evermagic during that time.[1]

At some point she became involved in a goblin attack that raided a Zhentarim caravan. It was believed by Elminster Aumar that the attack was made to recover a scroll that pointed to the location of a sky chariot from the ancient realm of Mourativi Teshy Mir.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Rumors originating in the kingdom of Impiltur said that Aldreth had ties to pirates that sailed the Sea of Fallen Stars, while others told tale that she had invested into a thaedar.[1]

Stories heard in the Sword and Horn tavern alluded to her involvement with ships that could sail in the sky and travel to other worlds.[1]



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