Ale was a widely available beverage in the Realms.[2]

Notable brewsEdit

Most taverns provided their own supplies from regional brewers. A few ales, however, due to their high quality or ease of transport, were famous and available in wider areas.[2]

Baldur's Gate Pale 
A brew from the Cutlass in Luskan.[3]
Baldur's Gate Red Ale 
A red ale sold at Port Llast.[4]
A translucent green spearmint beer favored by halflings.[5]
Bitter Black 
A dark stout from Arabel.[2]
Black Bottom 
A rough, smoky ale from Cormyr.[6]
Dragon's Breath Beer 
A strong and harsh brew from Sembia.[2]
Elminster's Choice 
A heavy, bitter, dark, and cloudy beer from Immersea, favored by adventurers from around the Wyvernwater.[2]
Golden Sands Brews 
Light and effervescent lagers from Calimshan. There were three variations: Golden Sands Basic, Golden Sands Gold and Golden Sands Orange.[2]
Iriaeboran North Brew 
A dark amber brew with a bitter aftertaste from Iriaebor. The producers called it "the bite of the North winds".[2]
Luiren's Best 
A sweet black, thick stout brewed by the Smokardin clan on the coast of Luiren. It was said to be a nice combination with nut cheese.[2]
Night ale 
A strong and dark ale from Voonlar. It was only available at the Swords Meet.[7]
Old One Eye 
A light brew with a spicy aftertaste from Llorbauth.[2]
A bitter brown ale brewed by the dwarves from Gracklstugh.[8]
Shadowdark ale 
A cloudy and frothy brown ale from Shadowdale.[2]
Sleeping Dragon dark 
A nutty brew made of oats and barley and produced at the Sleeping Dragon in Rassalantar.[9]
Slow Spout 
A thick and bitter ale produced by Duergar and available in Menzoberranzan.[10]
Spruce beer 
A beer made from the spruce tree in Wheloon, Cormyr.[11]
Also known as Purple Dragon Ale. A fine nutty ale originally brewed for the royal household of Cormyr.[2]
Tanagyr's Stout 
A heavy black stout with a rich malt flavor from Zhentil Keep.[2]
Wizard's Quaff 
A local brew freely available for tenants of the Whistling Wizard in Voonlar.[12]
A muddy ale brewed at Gyudd's Distillery in Skullport. It was sold at The Black Tankard and The Worm's Gullet.[13]


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