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An aleax (pl. aleaxi[3]) was a physical manifestation of a deity's vengeance. Its purpose was to punish a follower for straying from their alignment, failure to pay tribute, or committing some other slight towards their patron.[1][3][4]


To the recipient of its divine retribution, an aleax looked like an identical copy of themself, bathed in shimmering light, varying in color depending on its deity's alignment: gold (lawful good), bright yellow (neutral good), alternating rose and blue (chaotic good), vibrant green (lawful neutral), silver (true neutral), kaleidoscopic colors (chaotic neutral), deep purple (lawful evil), royal blue (neutral evil), or shifting scarlet and indigo (chaotic evil).[3][4] The aleax was sometimes described as having glowing eyes in one of these colors.[1]

Those not subject to the aleax's wrath perceived it as someone of the target's race, though indistinct in appearance.[3]


An aleax was single-minded in its purpose, only saying a few words in its deity's language stating the target's transgression and its intention to dole out punishment, after which it attacked. It did not engage in conversation.[1][3][4]


An aleax fought using the same abilities and equipment as its target, and disregarded any other assailants, shrugging off any damage not originating from its victim.[1][3][4]



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