Alekra Donakkis was the elected leader of the Donakkis family of Coliar in 1360 DR.[1]


By 1360, Alekra was an older aarakocra female.[1]


Alekra had two husbands. She chose this arrangement intentionally for two reasons. First, she felt that it would increase her odds of hatching more heirs to her family's power. Second, it meant that her husbands would compete for her, ensuring their support of her endeavors. She quite enjoyed their jealous attentions to her.[1]

Alekra had formed an alliance with some of the dragons of Coliar, and these had come to her aid in defending against lizardfolk and aarakocra rivals to her power and great wealth. In exchange for their services, she paid them well. In addition, she allowed cheap or free use of the spelljamming facilities that her family maintained on one of twelve trade bases in the southeastern hemisphere of the large planet.[1]


Many believed that Alekra secretly hired spelljamming adventurers to assassinate her adversaries.[1]



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