Aleksei was a member of the Cult of the Crushing Wave in the Moonsea in 1491 DR.[1]


Aleksei was the rotten son of a minor noble. Having a bad life with his parents, in 1489 DR he left home and soon joined the water cultists. Aleksei acted as a pirate with fellow cultists until 1491 DR.[1]

In that year, Aleksei's cell was ordered to attack Furgis Boltsmelter's ship and take the elemental codex. However, an adventuring party hired by Furgis near Mulmaster as his bodyguards destroyed the cell and captured Aleksei.[1]


Aleskei felt constantly oppressed in his home because his parents were completely ignorant to the troubles and tribulations of a teenager. In the Cult, his life was instead a flurry of worshiping, scuttling ships, and generally being a nuisance to local fisherman until recent times. Aleksei started to consider what it meant to be a cultist and was in search of an answer.[1]




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