King Alemander III of House Tethyr[5] was a king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.[2]


Alemander was the nephew of King Errilam I. He was married to a woman named Lhayronna,[3] and he had twin sons, Jaszur and Olosar,[4] but it is not known if Lhayronna was their mother. Each son would later reign after him. Alemander also had a younger sister named Zakhina.[4]


Alemander III commissioned the construction of the Minaret Palace in Zazesspur, which served as a summer palace for the royal family.[6]

Alemander also commissioned the writing of a work of history, the Chronicla Tethyria, which described the history of the kingdom. Because of his hatred of elves, however, the work covered up any mention of elf-human relations.[7]


Alemander III was born in 1262 DR. In 1274 DR, he became a father, well before his coming of age.[4]

Alemander took the throne in 1277 DR,[2] when his uncle King Errilam was assassinated. Because of rumors that Errilam had been slain by elves, Alemander began a persecution of them.[8]

King Alemander died in 1288 DR and was succeeded by his son Jaszur.[2]




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