Algarth's embattlement, also known as box of spells, was a very rare spell.[1][4]


This powerful spell was one of the few spells that allowed a caster to cast more than one spell at a time. Up to six additional spells could be caster after this spell was cast. The spell's are stored until released. The caster can store any spell within their skill level. They cannot be removed or prematurely released by an external foe. The only means to do so was if an enemy cast Mordenkainen's disjunction on the caster. The spell takes a physical toll on the caster, each additional spell stored weakens the caster physically.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the spell required material components, an expensive gem with a value of at least 4,000 gp and exactly four drops of water.[1]


This spell was known to be used by wizards of the Cult of the Dragon.[1]



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