Algashon Nathaire was a wizard and a priest of Bane who was the one responsible of the madness of Sammaster.

History[edit | edit source]

The first time Algashon met Sammaster was near Baldur's Gate in 865 DR and soon the two became friends, traveling together for many years. In truth, Algashon considered Sammaster a perfect choice for a would-be-tyrant and his faith in Bane drove him to support the ascent of tyrants. Algashon soon started to convince Sammaster to embrace evil and it was he that incited Sammaster to attack his former love, Alustriel, with the hope of stealing Alustriel's silver fire, in 875 DR. He failed in his plot but Sammaster, after Algashon saved his life after the battle, fully embraced evil.

Soon after, Sammaster came up with the idea of the dracolich and the Cult of the Dragon was born. Algashon always supported him. However, they differed in the views on the structure of the cult; Algashon wanted a system of secret cells, while Sammaster preferred to act openly.

Algashon grew eventually tired of Sammaster. In 916 DR, his spies told him that Harpers had prepared an ambush for Sammaster, and Algashon decided to avoid the confrontation. Sammaster was apparently killed and Algashon became the leader of the cult. He began the custom of wearing purple dress for the cult's leaders.

In 972 DR, however, dissidents within the Cult began to openly question Algashon's leadership and the weighty influence that the church of Bane had had in Cult operations in the preceding years.

Algashon' downfall began when the dissident mage Tuelhalva Drakewings in Peleveria allied with Gargauth and with the devil's help conquered the city. Soon, most of the Cult's dissidents gathered in Peleveria and stopped obeying Algashon. Thus Algashon gathered all his forces to destroy Drakewing and his followers. In the battle, however, Algashon and Drakewing killed each other.[2]

In 1373 DR, Sammaster raised Algashon as an undead creature known as a banelich. His intention was to restore Algashon's to his former position in the Cult as the Second-Speaker, but fate had other plans. After Sammaster's death Aglashon began to carefully cultivate secret alliances within the Cult of Dragons. In 1374 DR he was able to join a loose alliance with the undead dragons, Aurgloroasa and Daurgothoth, to lead the Cult once again. Aurgloroasa was the First Whisperer, Daurgothoth was the First Reader, and Algashon was secretly installed as the First Interpreter.[1]

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