Algid was a small coastal town south of the Hidden Lake.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Algid was a simple fishing village that was situated on the southern coast of the Hidden Lake.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Algid was built by thirty workers in 1222 NY (−2637 DR). In 2356 NY (−1503 DR), it reached a peak population of one thousand inhabitants.[1] During the Age of Discovery, the talanted arcanist, Lady Polaris, approached the townsfolk and offered them enclave status. However, the residents much prefered being part of Low Netheril, and thus refused the arcanists' offer.[1]

During the Shadowed Age, the inhabitants began to increase their usage of magic. Some of the residents became very skilled in the Art, and even used spells such as Yturn's levitation and Tolodine's gust of wind in order to create magical airships to patrol the Hidden Lake. In 3374 NY (−485 DR), Algid was destroyed by the phaerimm, leaving barely any survivors. Those who survived were offered residency in nearby settlements.[1]

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