Aliah was a Payit princess of history.


During the Payit golden age, Aliah was a princess, promised to her half-brother Xetl. However, Tacal, a prince of Tulom-Itzi, decided that Aliah should be his. So he decided to kidnap her with the help of his retinue.

On the day of the wedding, Tacal and his warriors managed to kidnap Aliah but only with the deaths of most of his warriors. At last, in revenge, the Payit decided to slay the whole royal family of Tulom-Itzi, who had been guests at the wedding with no knowledge of Tacal's plan. When Tacal, still surrounded by Ulatos's armies, saw at a distance the bodies of his family, he killed Aliah out of desperation. Soon after, Payit arrows killed Tacal.

This act signaled the end of the Payit Golden Age.[1]



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