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Alianna was a disciple of Bhaal who served her god during the mid—14th century DR.[2]


At some point in her life, the priestess became romantically involved with the sage Gorion.[1]

Though she did not raise her child, Alianna was mother of Abdel Adrian.[2]


At some point prior to the Time of Troubles, in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Alianna was visited by Bhaal. He whispered to her that she would bear one of his children. She rose up her arms in elation. Bhaalists took Alianna away, and hid her within the Bhaalist temple in the Forest of Wyrms, away from prying eyes. Other young Bhaalspawn were present within the temple, raised to fulfill their part of the dark god's plans.[2]

Alianna and her fellow Bhaalists were tasked with the mass murdering of the Bhaalspawn as part of Bhaal's plans to ensure his future resurrection. The ritual was interrupted when Gorion and his fellow Harpers assaulted the temple, saving the lives of many children. Alianna was slain by her former lover, and her baby was rescued alive and well.[1]



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