Alicia Ambergul was a Netherese lich residing near Daggerford around 1480 DR.[2]


Alicia had no goal, instead simply residing inside her family crypt surrounded by the tombs of her husband, her sons, and her daughter. She was served by four mummies and an invisible stalker. She tried to give all visitors to the crypt one of her clockwork cats, in order to secretly monitor them.[2]


Alicia was the consort of Kord Reynard Ambergul, a Netherese noble who'd become rich robbing tombs. Just for fun, he gathered a small cult to the Elemental Princes of Evil, collected also some powerful scrolls and artifacts.[3]

Around 1480 DR, Alicia was disturbed first by an expedition led by the Red Wizard of Thay Darwa Dalion in search of the earth key and later by an adventuring party searching for Darwa.[2]



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