An alkilith was a disgusting and terrifying demon that resembled a bright green mass of toxic corruption.[3]


An alkilith had an ooze-like green phosphorescent body. The body was covered in a leathery coating that constantly cracked open, oozed, and hardened again. Its body was dotted with eye-globules. While normal alkiliths were about human-sized, it was believed that there was no upper limit to the size they could grow. There were reports of a lake-sized specimen in the deepest layers of the Abyss.[3]


An alkilith was a hateful creature that took pleasure in polluting its environment. This tendency was taken to such an extreme by them that they were willing to ignore attacks against them for the chance of corrupting a fresh body of water.[3]


An alkilith could move very fast despite the gelatinous nature of its body. The creature could squeeze its body through cracks as small as one inch wide.[2]

Alkiliths were members of the tanar'ri race of demons. Like other tanar'ri, the alkilith were immune to electricity and poison, as well as being resistant to cold and fire. The demon was immune to acids, harmful gases, sleep, paralysis, stunning, being transformed, and being surprised. It also had a strong resistance against magic and against non-magical physical attacks.[2]

An alkilith could attack with up to four pseudopods. These pseudopods were acidic and people who did not have strong constitution began to degrade from the clinging ooze.[2]

Alkiliths had a large number of magical abilities, such as summoning one hezrou at a time to assist in battle. They were also known to turn into a green vapor, surrounding its victims and causing a cloudkill effect. Alkiliths could cast contagion, desecrate, detect magic, dispel magic, enervation, hold monster, magic circle against good, stinking cloud, teleport without error, and wall of ice as often as they wanted, and could cast cone of cold and unholy blight up to three times every day.[2]


Alkiliths were considered disgusting and horrifying even by demonic standards and were hated and feared by them. They were sent by demon lords to places that were too inhospitable for other demons.[4]

Alkiliths could be summoned by a very powerful thrall of Juiblex despite exceeding their normal capability of demon summoning.[5]

Alkiliths were servants of Ghaunadaur, who often used these creatures to carry out his demands.[6]


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