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Allandra Grey was a follower of Umberlee who led the priestesses of the Water Queen's House in Baldur's Gate in the late 15th century DR.[1][2]

The Queen of the Depths is generous to those who serve her - and her favor is far less deadly than her wrath.
— Flood Tide Allandra Grey[3]


Grey was a human female priestess.[2]


Allandra was intimdating, as well as chaotic and evil.[2]


She and her underlings followed the religious customs of her mother and grandmother. Some of the clerics under her rule believed that working in the temple brought them closer to loved ones lost at sea, but Grey did not. A few of these Umberlant priests even decided to "join" their lost family by descending the temple's steps into the water underneath. Grey did not attempt to prevent such tragedies.[1]

When disorder occurred within Baldur's Gate, Grey and the waveservants she led sided with whomever promised to protect those who ventured out to sea.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, Allandra led the others of the temple.[2]



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