The Alliance of Belt Watchers was a military organization in Damara in the Bloodstone Lands in 1359 DR. It was a group of three races who formed an interesting pact.[2][1]


The Alliance gathered all the dwarves and the halflings of the Barony of Bloodstone, later joined also by the centaurs. The alliance was only a defensive one but used brilliant tactics, thanks also to capable tacticians like Gailan, Fredegast, and Valon.[2]


Comprised of dwarves, halflings, and centaurs who all shared similar interests profiting from mining, the Alliance of Beltwatchers also helped protect Bloodstone Barony during times of need.[1]


The Alliance was established in 1357 DR by the halflings and the dwarves of Bloodstone, who had had a strong bond from a long time before humans arrived in the area. They organized themselves into an army in order to protect themselves from the army of Zhengyi. Later, the halflings brought the centaurs into the alliance. The alliance remained active after Zhengyi was defeated and in 1359 DR the dwarves offered for the deep gnome King Ruggedo to join the alliance.[2]

Base of OperationsEdit

The Alliance was primarily active within Bloodstone Barony, particularly within Warrenwood and the miles of tunnels found beneath the ground around the Warren.[1]



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