The Alliance of Seventon began as a confederation of seven villages. At first, it was a paradise of rivers, forests, lakes, and plains. Seventon's history began in −3859 DR, or 1 NY (Nether Years).

A fishing village on the southern coast of the Narrow Sea.
The village where Nether the Shaman-King, the first and last ruler of Seventon, resided.
Where a large portion of Seventon's military came from.
A small port-village on the southern coast of the Narrow Sea that protected the western front of Seventon.
A fishing village on the southern coast of the Narrow Sea.
A fishing village with the highest population in Seventon until 108 NY.
The village that protected Seventon's eastern front.

Nether the ElderEdit

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The founder of Seventon, and its only king, Nether created the calendar of Netheril and maintained Seventon. Until in 32 NY, Nether renamed Seventon to Netheril, meaning Nether's land. At the celebration of his newfound dictatorship, an unknown man killed him with a poisoned dirk. That man was widely believed to be Nether the Younger. Before his assassination, Nether planned to oversee Netheril from his village, Gers, as the Shaman of Netheril, giving the title of King to Darzal Nether.

Nether the YoungerEdit

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A just ruler, Alandril Nether, or Nether the Younger, assumed rulership of Netheril upon his father's death. He was loved by the people and militia of Netheril.

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