Allyn's Anvil was an ancient stone circle situated high in the northern Alimir Mountains between Calimshan and the Lake of Steam. It lay east of St. Wityn's Hospice.[1][2]


The site consisted of a semi-circle of stone boulders, all long-shattered as if by some titanic explosion, half-buried by grass and brambles. At the center was the Anvil itself: a pair of megaliths, one lying on top of the other, amidst patches of nettles. The upper stone was black and marbled all over with white stripes—this type of stone was unique, not found anywhere else in the Iltkazar Range.[2]


Legend told that uncounted artifacts were forged upon the Anvil. It was considered to a sacred site by those churches who valued justice, in particular the church of Tyr.[2]


Sometime in the 1st century DR, Tyr the Just God appeared at Allyn's Anvil and consecrated the Demonsbane shields.

In the Year of the Wrath Sword, 275 DR, on the night of the Feast of the Moon, many senior priests of the Church of Ilmater gathered at Allyn's Anvil, including Archsufferer Irmakul "Bloodthews", Revered Brother Filithan, and Exalted Servant Volshur the Crooked. Here, making impassioned prayers and howls of suffering, they enchanted the sword Dornavver, the Demonbane.[1]


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