Almiraj (pronounced: /ælmɪˈrɑːæl-mi-RAJ[5] Loudspeaker listen or: /ˈɔːlmɪərɑːAWL-meer-ahj[2], alternate plural: almirajes[3]), also known as al-mi'raj[3][4], were a variety of fey[3] rabbits with an spiral horn emerging from their foreheads.[2]

Almiraj were quite common in the Feywild, considered a garden-variety animal.[3] In Toril, they were common in Zakhara. When merchants from that land began to trade with Chult, they brought with them the almirajes to the Chultan Peninsula.[2]


Almiraj resembled large rabbits with a 1-foot-long spiraled horn, usually black in color,[4] in their foreheads, like unicorns.[2]


Almiraj were usually timid creatures,[2] considered stupid and unpredictable by some. However, almiraj were also fearless.[4] They were easy to pet and tame, and incredibly faithful to their masters,[3][4] and spellcasters often sought them to make them their familiars.[2]


When forced to fight, they could be quite dangerous, ramming against their enemies, stabbing them with their horns.[2] Almiraj were intelligent enough to fight using simple tactics, such as burrowing to move unnoticed and attack an enemy by surprise.[3]

Notable almirajesEdit

I'jin, one of the Nine Trickster Gods of Chult, took the form of an almiraj.[6]





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