Alonmarch was a county in Duchy Suretmarch in eastern Tethyr.[1]


Alonmarch was located just where the lowlands and the highlands of Tethyr met.[1] Its northern border was the River Ith. Counties Surkazar and Mirkazar were located east and south, respectively.[4]


In 1370 DR, Count Vartan Thrynnar ruled Alonmarch from his castle of Thynnar's Hold atop Komar's Hill.[3] He was one of a small number of rulers who maintained his holdings throughout the Tethyrian Interregnum.[1][5]


Alonmarch was one of the few stable areas of the country during the unrest of the Tethyrian Interregnum, because Count Vartan Thrynnar went out of his way to protect his tenant peasants, permitting some of them to even take refuge in Thrynnar's Hold.[1][5]

The region had traditionally been the site of many monster uprisings, as was the case with much of eastern Tethyr. In 1370 DR, because of the conflict with Teldorn Darkhope southeast in Kzelter and the defection of two cities from Amn in the north, many of the needed troops had been pulled out of the area.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The home of the Knights Kuldar, the fortified religious settlement of Barakmordin was located within Alonmarch.[3]

The Duke's mansion of Veaddakar was also located here.[1]




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