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Alora was a halfling thief that that lived in the Western Heartlands during the mid–14th century DR.[1]

"Isn't this great? All of us doing nice things, being happy. It's great!"
— Alora


Alora was extremely curious about the world around her and wanted little more than to explore every "off-limits" area of her surroundings. She did so with an upbeat attitude and carefree outlook. Her unique charm and sweet demeanor often prevented her from getting into real trouble with the authorities.[1]

Unlike many thieves she had little interest in material wealth or riches.[1]

She had a high-pitched voice that resembled that of a human child. She frequently spoke in "baby talk" using words like "grumpypuss" or "hamsty-wamsty" when referring to a hamster.[1]


Quite fitting to her chosen profession, Alora owned a lucky rabbit's foot.


Alora grew up as an affable but mischievous child in the city of Iriaebor. She constantly got into trouble when she was young, despite the best efforts of her parents. She felt constrained at home and was not content to the homebody lifestyle that was idealized by so many of the Hin.[1]

After years of mischief, Alora wound up in Baldur's Gate. She soon discovered that her constant yearning for new discoveries could best be fulfilled by life as a thief. In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, she planned a heist to burgle the High House of Wonders in the city's Temples District.[1]



Video Games
Baldur's Gate
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Behind the Scenes[]

In the Baldur's Gate (game) Alora is voiced by Amber Hood.


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