Alora reveals that she was originally from Iriaebor. As a child she was cute, outgoing, and dangerously curious, causing no end of trouble for her parents. They tried to curb her lunatic behavior, and encouraged her to be content with home and hearth like other halflings. Alora found this unbearably stifling, and left to explore the world. She quickly found herself falling into all sorts of trouble, going to the wrong places and angering the wrong sorts of people. Eventually she found herself in the city of Baldur's Gate, and it was there that she discovered her future profession: thievery. Wealth was never her chief concern; it’s just that too many interesting things are behind locked doors. Her unassuming temperament makes it easy for her to hoodwink the authorities, and her sweet nature has saved her from a jail cell numerous times.
  — Character description from the Baldur's Gate computer game
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Alora was a halfling thief.

Alora was a cheerful and sweet halfling girl whose curiosity prompted her to frequently investigate forbidden and dangerous territory (usually other people's property). She could be caught by adventurers while breaking into the High House of Wonders in Baldur's Gate at night, and offered to join them if they helped her case the joint.[1]



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